I have a 2000 Silverado with 5.3 engine. I had it to a shop for engine light. Code p0135 and
misfires on #3 and 7. They replaced the oxygen sensor and plugs. Light still on. Also does not
accelerate as good as it used to. Can you help?

Yes, i think I can help.  From my experience with that engine/truck, your problem leads me to
believe that you may have a plugged/restricted catalytic converter on the drivers side.

Back pressure test is the only way to be 100% sure. Have seen this condition before. The
entire assembly will have to be replaced. It is a 'y' pipe assembly.

Check with your dealer if you have less than 80,000 miles because it may be covered under
factory warranty.
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1998 Chevy Silverado. Engine size = 350 5.7L Vortec.
Repairs: Bought a new fuel pump and installed it myself. Unfortunately drove it the next day,
ran good for a little bit then had the same problem and the car would not move, while stopped
at a red light.
Question: A couple of weeks ago, I parked my truck and went for a run about an hour later I
got back into my truck and tried to start it. The engine turned over but the truck would not
start. I had to call a tow truck, and the driver of the tow truck told me that since he could still
notice exhaust that it must be a fuel cell problem.

He told me of his nephew who could do it for a great deal, and I agreed to have him fix it the
weekend. Unfortunately the guys nephew was a no show and didn't even answer his phone.
My father and I decided to fix it ourselves. We bought a new fuel pump and installed it, first
time either of us had done it, but we did. I drove the truck around the block and it seemed to
work just fine. The next day I took it out to drive and while stopped at a red light near an
intersection I heard a click and noticed I had no RPM, I took my foot of the brake and even
tried accelerating but my truck wouldn't move.

I turned off the truck and tried to crank it back up and I had the same problem the engine
turned but the car will not turn on. Is there any advice you can give me for why this is still
happening? Do you know of the costs for repairing this professionally? Any advice would be
appreciated, this problem has become a great inconvenience. Thank you.
Answer: There could be a couple different things causing your problem. Did you change the
fuel filter when you replaced the fuel pump? If it was extremely clogged, that would have been
the reason that the first pump went out and would have done the same thing to a new pump.
Also, if you used a cheap aftermarket fuel pump, it could have gone bad already. I've seen
numerous times people trying to go the cheaper route and end up having to do the job more
than once. You get what you pay for in these circumstances, so if you haven't already, you
need to replace the fuel pump with a genuine GM unit. I would also check the wiring to make
sure it isn't pinched or shorting out causing the pump to fail. Check for blown fuses, or a bad
fuel pump relay as well.
I had a similar issue, cold weather rpm would drop when idling. Changed spark plugs, new
mass airflow sensor, still had problems. Then One weekend it was minus 30 outside and
my battery died, would take a charge so I replaced the battery. All of the rpm problems
have disappeared. Go figure ?
Found generic code P0171 (fuel system lean). How can i fix the problem?
Check for a vacuum leak, check fuel pressure, check
oxygen sensor readings.
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Chevy Silverado P0135 And Won't Start