Nissan Brake Lights Problems

Nissan Pickup The brake light, but was always on. Well, I just swapped out an engine from another vehicle that ran. The engine started up and ran and sounded good, but it was getting late and too dark to continue. So we came back in the morning and finished up wrapping up the job. But we found that the intake manifold gasket was put in wrong so we re-did it and went to try starting it and nothing happens other than running the battery down.

I re-checked all the hoses and eclectic plug ins over more than once., swapped computer brains and electronic control relay thing, also swapped solenoids, I don't spell good still nothing. The book I'm using is the Haynes, but it don't deal with much of 1988s, it deals with mainly 1980s through 1985s. Well, after swapping over a new used motor. I found that the carb is acting like its not getting any gas. The fuel pump is working gas gets to the carb, but the carb doesn't give the gas to the motor. If you put gas in the carb in the jets area it kicks and tries to start, and sounds good until the gas gets used up, and then it died again.

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Well for one thing, I'm think it may have to do with the electronic control gizmo, not sure about the carbs air hoses or where the gas feed line goes to on the carb, my buddy seems to think the line from the top of the fuel filter goes to the feed intake by the left hand side of the carb, and the vapor feed is the second line that comes from the gas tank. Well I working with the Haynes book. It doesn't' show the exploded view of the carb of this vehicle. Anyway there you have it.

Your Nissan has an internal problem in the carburetor. Possibly the fuel control solenoid. That is why there is gas in it but it just will not come out. Either that are the there is a circuit inside of it that is plugged not allowing fuel to flow through the throat. First thing to check would be the float. It that has a problem, there will not be enough gas in it to work correctly. You are going to have to take the carburetor apart and clean it and check all functions. I would suggest just a complete overhaul.

2004 Nissan Maxima 3.5L Brake and ABS are staying on. Front and back brakes and both wheel bearings replaced. Question: I just had both my front and back brakes done and also both back wheel bearings. The second day after having them done my brake and abs light is staying on what is causing this?

The repairs you had done were on the regular brake system, not the antilock brakes. That is why the light is back on. The ABS warning only alerts the driver to a problem in the ABS, mnot the regular brakes. They are two different systems that work together.

You would need to get the computer scanned for codes. Any time that indicator is on, there are codes stored that give an indication as to where the problem is. You could have a bad wheel speed sensor, wiring problem or ABS valve problem.

Many of the major parts store chains will scan the computer codes for free and the code will at least tell you what part of the system is having the problem. But, just because there is say, a code for the left front wheel speed sensor, don't just buy one from them and have it replaced. Have the basics checked first, as there may just be a problem wire to the sensor. A test with an OHM meter of the sensor will tell you if the sensor is bad or not. On open circuit means the speed sensor is bad.

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