Saturn Ion Code P1174

2007 Saturn Ion check engine light code P1174. For about a month, I have been seeing the check engine light going on then off every few days. I have pulled code P1174 every time I have used a code reader. An internet search showed that this code is described as a Fuel Trim Cylinder Balance problem and it can be caused by about ten different things. I also discovered a GM service bulletin about this problem and it says the injectors should be cleaned to resolve the matter. I tried using General Motors fuel injector cleaner gas additive, but this did not help.

Last week, I took my Saturn to my local Buick GMC dealership for diagnosis, and their service advisor said that all the injectors are bad must be replaced with GM newly redesigned injectors (and no other brand) and then the software must be updated. This would cost $530.00 with no guarantee this would fix the problem.

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I need to know why only newly redesigned injectors have to be used. Why can't I just use injectors like the car currently has and not bother with a software update. Also, if the service bulletin says cleaning the injectors is the answer, wouldn't it make sense to try that first? If I had to use only GM injectors, and I replaced them myself (so I could save some money), would the car run properly so I would be able to drive to the dealer to get the software update? Currently,the car has 70,000 miles and runs just fine.

Code P1174 is a lean condition. Yes, if you install the injector yourself, you will be able to drive to the dealer for the software update.

The update is going to re-calibrate the fuel delivery dwell (on and off time) to work properly with the new injectors.

The new design fuel injectors is to correct the problem you are having. You cannot even get the older style from the dealer, since all stock has ben purged of those. You could find replacements that are not GM, but it may not fix your problem, since non-factory parts are based off of original, not redesigned parts.

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