Question = I have a 03 chevy silverado that it used to turn on and everything. I put it up for sale
but when I wasn't home I saw a man underneath my truck that I had for sale.

As I come into the house to try to negotiate the truck price, it will no longer turn on and now he
wants it for less. What could he have done for my tuck not start?? Please help me out.

Answer: There are several things that he could have done, if you suspect he did something to
prevent it from starting so he could get a better deal.

That depends on if he was under the front of the truck, or the rear. It also depends on what is
happening with your Chevy. Does it crank and not start, or does it not crank at all?

If it cranks but does not run, and he was in the rear, he could have disconnected the electrical
connector for the fuel pump. If he was under the front, he could have disconnected the crank
shaft position sensor. Both of the things will cause it to crank over but not fire. The first will
cause no fuel pressure, the crank sensor will cause no spark.

If it does not even crank up, he could have done something to the starter. He might have
disconnected it or even cut a wire.

Or he could have just gone under it and started cutting any wire he saw and got lucky. You are
going to have to find out if your Chevy has lost spark, or fuel pressure.
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2003 Chevy Silverado- What Did He Do To My Truck?