Saturn Vue Timing Chain Problems

I have a 2008 Saturn Vue all wheel drive SUV with the 3.6L V6 engine and 23,000 miles. The check engine light came on. It seems to be a little sluggish when i hit the gas. Not a misfire, just has not got the same power it used to when it was new. Checked the oil level and gas cap, they are OK. I have been reading around other auto repair forums that Saturn has a problem with timing belts, is this true. Could this be my problem? 2008 Saturn Vue AWD. Engine size 3.6L V6.

There have been complaints about the Chevrolet Traverse doing the same thing with the timing chain. I know this would be under warranty, but was wondering if you could tell me what the problem with the chain is and what the fix is, in case this is my problem. Thanks for your help.

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There could be many different things causing a sluggish condition, and may not be related to the check engine light. The issue you ask about on the Chevy Traverse (also Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave) is a problem with the timing chains stretching. This will set a trouble code, and most often times cause a cylinder misfire and rough idle.

The Saturn Vue, which is the same as a Chevy Equinox has the same 3.6 engine, but does not usually fail like the larger counterparts. Not to say you don't have a timing chain issue, but I would doubt it. You'd have to get it diagnosed at a dealership to know what codes are stored and what other problems might arise from that. As far as being sluggish, it could be something as easy as an air filter that needs changed, bad gasoline, or excessive carbon build-up in the throttle body.

2007 Saturn Vue hybrid 90,000 miles. After I rotated the tires,the abs & traction control lights came on while driving on wet pavement and there are times when there is no power assist while braking.

If this happened right after you rotated the tires, you must have broken something or disturbed the ABS wiring or sensors. With the lights coming on, it's a sure bet whatever happened has set a trouble code. If you can scan the car you would know better where to look for the problem, as for which wheel, etc.

Otherwise, I would recommend removing the wheels again and looking around each hub to make sure wiring is still connected, sensors aren't broken, etc.

I have a 2008 Saturn Vue v6 and it had the check engine light on for months every time I took it in they couldn't seem to find out what it was I had every part changed in that car to figure it out it wasn't until I went to a 3rd! Dealership to have it fixed that they said it was a cylinder in the engine. I haven't had an issue with it since.
 Thanks for the info !

When I turn on my a/c on my 2005 Saturn Vue the engine turn off, what would the problem be.
 May just be carbon in the throttle. Give it a good cleaning.

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