Saturn Aura Brake Light Switch Replacement

The brake lights on my 2007 Saturn Aura are staying on all the time when the key or car is on. Had the fuses checked. Also the bulbs are all OK. Would this be a short circuit in the wiring somewhere or could it be a brake switch problem like I have read on other automotive repair forums

See picture below. There is a brake pedal position sensor, which is part of the brake light switch. They usually fail internally and either you have no brake lights, or they stay on all the time. If you can get up under the dash and look towards the top of the brake pedal, you can see if the two fingers on the switch have broken or have become disengaged from the pedal. Either way, you'd still need a new switch.

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Saturn Aura brake light switch, also know as brake pedal position sensor.

Also, this particular switch will require a learn procedure so the position sensor part of the switch can function correctly. This can only be done at a GM dealership. You can replace the switch yourself, if you are out of warranty, and would have brake light functionality, but a trouble code would set for the position sensor portion, or they may still be on all the time, which would make you think it did not fix the problem, but it did.

You have to have the sensor position learned, or the lights may still be on all the time. There are two brake switches on the brake pedal bracket.

The higher one- as viewed from the floor looking up is the easiest to see, but is not the one that has the problem. The picture of the switch below is the one you want to replace. It is a little harder to see.

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