Malibu Starter Problem- GMC Brake Booster Problem

2002 Chevy Malibu Classic. Took starter out and got it tested under pressure. The starter worked but it was having problems catching the fly wheel to turn the engine over to start it. Now all the starter does is engage and spin but doesn't seem to be catching the fly wheel. i tried rolling the car back and forth to see if the teeth where wore off the fly wheel but that did nothing. Now I'm here and stumped.

Rolling the car to try to turn the flywheel will only work if your car is stick shift and it is in gear. You did tell us what kind of transmission you have. Bench testing the starter is not really the same as having it try turn when it still bolted to the motor. You either have a bad starter or a bad spot on the flywheel. The better way to turn the motor to check for a bad spot on the flywheel is to actually turn the front crank Pulley. Or while you had the starter out you should have looked at the flywheel gear teeth.

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1999 GMC Jimmy. We replaced brake booster, master cylinder, right rear caliper. I am not getting any fluid out of the master cylinder to bleed the break lines which is causing me not to be able to build up any break pressure.

My question would be, did you bench bleed the master cylinder before you installed it. If not then you have a large amount of air in the new master cylinder. Remove all the lines from the master and let it sit for a while until you see fluid dripping it. Then you can finger tighten the lines, have someone pressed the brake pedal very slowly, and look for fluid to come out. When it does, tighten the lines before the other person releases the brake pedal. If this does not work then I would suspect you got a bad master cylinder.

I'm not sure why you replaced the booster, but if it's the wrong one or the pushrod is missing or is not the correct length, then you will never push the piston of the master cylinder far enough to make pressure. If the pushrod were missing, you should easily is a notice that the pedal just feels sort of empty.

2008 Gmc Yukon XL. Back window won't open and the wiper doesn't work. I looked at the fuse, looked fine but replaced anyway. Still doesn't work. Anything else I can check?

Most likely the reason the wiper does not work is because of the problem with the rear glass. The system looks for a closed position glass before it will allow the wiper to function. You would need to take the rear gate trim panel off and do some electrical testing with the help of a test light and schematic.

You would need to check for input to the glass really solenoid. If that has power and ground when trying to release the glass, then the lock actuator is bad. If you do not have power to the actuator then you could have a switch or other wiring problem. Possibly even a bad module.

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