1986 Gmc Sierra.
Engine size = 350
Question: While trying to remove spark plug,I broke the insulator off. While trying to remove rest
of plug it broke off and rest of insulator came out too. How do I remove the threaded portion of
the spark plug out of block without having to disassembly the head? I was told to use an easyout
but don't know what size to use or how to use one?

Do it fit inside where threads are or inside hole where insulator tip was? I've sprayed it many
times with PB blast and carb cleaner to try removing rust and other build up around the outside
of spark plug. Also what's the difference between an easyout and an extractor? I've trying to
remove or turn spark plug with needle nose pliers but can't get enough grip on the metal edge of
spark plug. I don't know how to use a torch to heat it up and don't want to crack the block if I did
heat it up.

I've tried put a screw driver inside where insulator tip goes to try turning the spark plug using the
firing point on spark plug it move a little but can't get the right angle because of the steering
being in the way. It's the 3 plug down from radiator on driver's side. I would really be grateful if
you could help me out.I need this truck back running again so I can use it to plow with. Thank
you very much Brenda
An easy out and extractor are the same thing. They basically screw into an opening with reverse
threads so when you try to unscrew the broken plug, it will grip and help remove it. Depending on
how badly it is broken off or subsequently frozen into the cylinder head, will determine how it has to
be removed. I'd try everything possible before removing the cylinder head, since that is a pretty
involved task. I'm assuming you have nothing left to grip with the spark plug socket, so that would
just leave barely enough metal to work with. If there is a big enough hole through the plug, I would
try the extractor route first. I would hesitate in drilling or using much, if any heat in that area.

The risk is too big in doing damage to the piston or head or block. You also don't want to ruin the
hole needed for the spark plug itself, after the fact. Even if you get it out and it's ruined, you will still
need a new cylinder head. If you're uncomfortable doing this, a reputable shop can probably get it
out. If you're able to get the head off yourself, I'd take it to a machine shop instead of a repair
shop, since a machine shop would be able to repair the threads and/or re-drill the spark plug hole

1992 GMC Vandura. 5.7l 8cyl. Question: engine runs rough when you accelerate.
It sounds like you are describing an engine misfire. A misfire while accelerating is usually caused
by an ignition system problem. Check all the spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coil, cap and rotor. If
these have not been done in a long time, you may just want to go a head and replace them all by
doing a major tune-up. If it is not an engine misfire, then you may have a bad U-joint. These can
cause the same feeling as an engine misfire, and usually takes an experienced mechanic to
determine if it is a U-joint or engine problem.
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GMC Sierra Broken Spark Plug Removal