GMC Envoy Oil Pressure And Stability Light Problems

2004 GMC Envoy XUV SLT. Light on dash says Check Gauges. Information center says Oil Pressure Low..... Stop Engine. Oil gauge fluctuates at idle from 40 down to 0.

At acceleration pressure returns to 40-50. Oil registers full..... info center says 74%. Have purchased switch oil pressure part (S4202), but unable to find part on engine to replace. Where is Part located please?

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If you have the six cylinder engine, the oil pressure switch is located on the oil filter adapter housing, right above where the oil filter screws on to- behind the cover under the truck, on the passenger side, just above the large front stabilizer bar. If you have the eight cylinder engine, the oil pressure switch is located behind the intake manifold near the firewall.

It is very difficult to reach on the V8, and you have to remove the intake manifold to gain access to the oil pressure switch. You might want to check a few things before replacing the switch, such as the PCV system, the current oil condition and level, just to be sure you don't have a major problem causing an actual low oil pressure condition.

GMC signal on screen says service traction control. I just check by Tech2 scanner and find DTC steering position signal, please help me thanks.

The steering wheel position sensor is an integral part of the Stabililtrak and traction control system on your vehicle. With the code that is set, probably a C0455 I'm assuming, that is telling the system that it can't determine the correct position of the steering wheel. Most times, the steering wheel position sensor is what needs replaced, but you should always check the wiring going to the sensor for any breaks or rubbing through down the column.If needed, sensor replacement is fairly easy. The lower steering shaft needs to be removed from the column, as the sensor slides off downward. It's just a basic swap, and no reprogramming or setup is needed after installation.

I just worked on 2007 GMC Envoy with low oil pressure problem. After replacing the oil pump and sending unit I found under pressure switch is a screen that was stopped up. After replacing screen oil pressure was fine. Screen is about $5.00 at dealership.

Great tip. Thanks Doug!

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