GMC Envoy Clicking Noise In The Dash- Code P0016

When i turn the truck on in the morning,its makes a noise click, click, click right under the temp control gauge by the switch for the 2wheel,4wheel drive. What seems to be the problem. My friend says its the sensor. 2003 GMC ENVOY SLT.

The noise you are hearing is probably one of the heater A/C actuators rotating under the dash. It could be for the mode door, or temperature control door, or both. These will make a clicking type sound when they move. If you're not experiencing any trouble with the air conditioning or heat, then it is something you don't have to worry about. It may just be a bit annoying. Depending on which one is making the noise, it can be a very expensive repair with the labor involved to get to it.

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Problem with my 2004 GMC Envoy Engine size = 4.2L. Warning lights = low oil pressure stop engine, code P0016. Rechecked connectors, replaced oil pressure switch and cam sensor. Did valve job on head due to burned exhaust valve in #3 cylinder. Checked and rotated timing chain to align dark links on sprockets. Delphi on cam straight across front of cylinder head. Flats in rear up. When first started up, ran great,came to full operating temp,drove down road came to stop and got low oil pressure stop engine. Take off oil pressure normal. Oil pressure normal until you come to a stop and now ses code P0016.

Assuming you are sure the crank did not move at any time, then the P0016 code may be set because the "Crankshaft Variance Re-learn Procedure" was not done. This needs to be done with a scan tool. Or it may be set because of the low oil pressure. Cylinder head work should not of course affect oil pressure.

Take an oil pressure reading just to be sure it is actually low. About 6 PSI at hot idle will set the warning. Check to make sure the proper oil filter is installed, no debre in the hole the pressure switch screws into. If all checks OK and pressure is low, I would say this is an oil pump problem.

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