2000 Dodge Dakota.
Engine size = 3.9l V6
Question = I recently had the oil changed, fuel injectors cleaned, radiator flushed, and the
transmission fluid changed. The truck has 179,000 miles. It has mild oil leak but not smoking. It
does idle a bit rough. After the last service, it started jerking or bucking while accelerating
sometimes occasionally at the start but usually around 50 mph. Just wanted your opinion on
where to start or if I need to rush it to a mechanic.
What you are describing is an engine misfire. The way that it is happening to your truck- while
accelerating, especially at 50 mph and more, tells me this is an ignition problem. When you
accelerate from a higher speed, you are putting a heavy electrical load on the ignition system.
This causes a faulty part to act up, when it may not at lower speeds or less hard acceleration.
Most common is a bad spark plug wire, spark plug, distributor cap and rotor or ignition coil.

What is happening is referred to as the component is "Breaking Down". Would suggest doing a
full tune up including spark plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor. Look closely at the ignition coil for
signs of burnt areas. Or you could even spray these components with a water spray bottle with
the engine running. This may cause the spark to "Jump", and you would be able to hear and
see it.

2009 dodge caliber battery light abs brake light airbag.
My car started making this loud grinding sound and now today while driving it the battery light
came on and on the way home the ABS light came on and shortly after the airbag light and even
the electrical light. When i pulled up in front of the house it sounded as if it was going to cut off
but i turned it off.
All of these electrical problems are related to the noise you were hearing. The noise is
most likely the alternator going bad. When this happens, the system voltage of your car
gets too low for the computer to function properly, so the warning lights come on. Get
the alternator and battery checked and repaired, then have the computer codes cleared
if the light stay on.

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan Engine light is on.
Camshaft Position Sensor and the Knock Sensor. Where are the sensors located in the engine
and are these easy to fix?
The knock sensor(s) are located under the intake manifold. In what is called the engine
valley. You would need to remove the intake manifold to replace them.

2005 dodge ram 1500 Hemi.
Question = what causes daily moisture to come out of exhaust pipe?

Moisture from the exhaust of any internal combustion engine is normal. This is caused by a
properly functioning catalytic converter and the engine burning the air and fuel mixture at the
correct ratio. If there were also smoke, then it would be something to worry about.
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Dodge Engine Light- Misfire And Knock Sensor Location