Cadillac CTS Transmission Slams Into Gear- Traction Light

I have an 04 Cadillac CTS with the 5L40E transmission. About 3 months ago it developed a problem when trying to take off from a stop, the engine would rev and then slam into 1st gear. I took it to a dealership but they couldn't replicate the problem. The only codes it was throwing was for a misfire in cylinder 6. They changed the plugs but also reflashed the programming. This didn't fix my problem. Now the car will creep along in first until going fast enough to go into second. It shifts through all the other gears fine but doesn't go into overdrive. 2004 Cadillac CTS Engine size 3.6L. Transmission programming reflashed.

This transmission is a sealed system so I can't check the fluid level except through the fill plug. I plan on changing the filter and topping the fluid back off to see if that helps. I know that there are solenoids that control shifting so I'm wondering if one or more of them is going out.

Would any one solenoid cause the problems I am having or is this an issue apart from a solenoid? Any advice?

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Yes, it does sound like you may be having a problem with a solenoid or valve body. There are many different solenoids in your transmission. There are more that just shift solenoids, which are a common part to fail. Your Cadillac has others that can cause the problem you are having.

One possibility is what is called the "Pressure control solenoid." As it's name states, it controls hydraulic shifting by changing the pressure in the system, namely the valve body and other circuits. A problem with this would usually set a check engine light. There are actually several GM service bulletins for shifting problems on this car. The dealer would have looked through those that match your problem, even if they did not experience it.

You should try a filter and fluid change. You may also want to add a cleaning agent before that and drive the car a few miles to get it hot and circulated first. If this does not help, you are best to leave it with the dealer until they can feel the problem for themselves, watch live computer data and decide if it is electrical or mechanical. If mechanical, the transmission would need to be removed and disassembled to find the problem. This can be very expensive.

I own a Cadillac CTS 2003. But when I'm accelerating around 40 to 70 mph my car info screen will display something about engine speed and a TS icon will appear on the dash board when i press the gas nothing happens my cars slowly decreases speed and i have to turn the car off and then on to get it back to normal what can be the problem? 2003 Cadillac CTS. Engine size Northstar v8. Warning lights = engine light / traction light.

This seems to be a common problem with the older CTS models. Usually the throttle body is the cause and will need to be replaced. A code will usually be stored in the computer that tells the technician the area of trouble. Sometimes there is a wiring problem, or even a computer problem.

This type of driveability issue is severe and needs to be properly diagnosed at a Cadillac dealership. Don't rely on the corner shop to be able to fix this problem. You're looking at $500+ if the throttle body needs replaced, and possibly more if there is faulty wiring or a bad PCM.

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