(A) Passenger (P-Metric) Tire : The United States version of a metric tire sizing system. The letter P as
the first character in the tire size means a passenger vehicle tire engineered to standards set by the
U.S. Tire and Rim Association.

(B) Tire Width : The three-digit number indicates the tire section width in millimeters from sidewall to

(C) Aspect Ratio : A two-digit number that indicates the tire height-to-width measurements. For
example, if the tire size aspect ratio is 60, as shown in item C of the illustration, it would mean that the
tire's sidewall is 60 percent as high as it is wide.

(D) Construction Code :  A letter code is used to indicate the type of ply construction in the tire. The
letter R means radial ply construction; the letter D means diagonal or bias ply construction; and the
letter B means belted-bias ply construction.

(E) Rim Diameter : Diameter of the wheel in inches.

(F) Service Description : These characters represent the load index and speed rating of the tire. The
load index represents the load carry capacity a tire is certified to carry. The speed rating is the
maximum speed a tire is certified to carry a load.
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Tire Size Numbers Description
Tire Size Example
P 235 / 60 / R16   97S
|        |            |        |    |            |
A      B          C      D  E          F