2008 Sebring no start

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2008 Sebring no start

Unread post by jmchesnut » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:38 pm

I am attempting to help a buddy with this car that will not start. It is the 4cyl engine. He thought it needed a starter, but he couldn't get it off, and thats how I got involved. This car will NOT CRANK when you turn the key, but the dash lights up and appears to be "ON" like normal, accessories seem to work. He has checked all the fuses ( I HAVE NOT PERSONALLY DONE THIS) and says they are all good. I thought it may be the neutral safety switch, but I believe that is actually inside the transmission in this application, so I have not tested it yet. Here's the catch......I wanted to get it to my garage and really thought if I turned the key to the "run" position, and applied power to the starter solenoid, that it would most likely run and I could simply drive it 25 miles to my place. It cranked over just fine, but will no start. I've also noted I hear no fuel pump (or relay) and I am making an assumption that there is no injector pulse or spark, but that I am NOT CERTAIN of.....just betting.....

There are 5(?) identical part number relay's and they were swapped over one spot (thinking maybe a bad starter relay) and no change noted. Relays back to their original location.

Does anybody recognize any of these issues as a familiar problem? my friend can't really afford a dealer repair, and I'd like to help him out. But, whatever it is, I need to get it figured out!!!

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Re: 2008 Sebring no start

Unread post by carriedi » Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:30 pm

here's the thing, your key doesn't turn the starter anymore. the key in the start position sends a signal to the PCM and the pcm tell the starter to turn the engine over. So you need yo look at the pcm.

check the yellow wire from the ignition switch. it goes to power up the starter relay and also to the pcm. the starter relay is grounded by the pcm to turn on the starter solenoid.

the power to the ignition switch is from a red wire from the power distribution box on the left front fender. Fuse #8 a 20A fuse.
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