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Check engine light - Also known as the SERVICE ENGINE SOON or SES light. This  
indicates a malfunction in the engine control and emissions systems of your car. Step by  
step instructions on how to do a simple scan to check for
computer trouble codes. These  
codes give an indication as to what system is having a problem.
Car maintenance - A list of some common auto maintenance checks that you can do  
yourself. Check fluid levels. Adjust tire pressures. Drive belt inspection, etc. Pictures  
videos, and more
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I am Replacing 3400 V6 Intake Manifold Gaskets for a Coolant Leak
how to adjust valves, 3.4 v6, 1999.To replace intake gaskets what is the
procedure for installing correct length push rods in the right spot and
 after taking push rods out of way to get gaskets.
In I am former gm tech
Pictures of Common Areas of Dexcool Antifreeze Leaks on 31L
and 3400 V6
Trans Won't Go Forward But will Reverse
When I put the transmission it into Reverse it drives normally, but when I shift it
into Drive and I press on the accelerator, the engine idles faster but the car has a
harder time driving and starts moving slowly and then picks up speed. While I
keep my foot on the gas and I switch from Drive to 3, I feel slightly more power,
and when I move the selector gear from 3 to 2 or 1, the car starts moving
2004 Malibu Checking Transmission Fluid
leaking & when i remove the cap to check has no dip stick should i be able to see
fluid through the opening when hot. I put 2  quarts in but still don't see fluid.
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