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Checking GM fuel pressure regulator for leaking. This can
cause check engine light and misfires and hesitation.
On the 3.1 / 3.4 / 3.8 v6 engines, a leaking regulator can cause hard starting,
poor fuel economy, stalling, check engine light, gas smell under hood.
car just died has good battery try to turn over has gas but no luck injectors getting
91 camaro in storage; after starting 3.1 engine it seemed to be running ok but
after 3 or 4 min. it stalled and now wont run. Put fuel guage on rail turned over and
watched guage rise to 39psi.Had ignition mod checked and its ok. Please advise,
Thank you.  Jeff
39 psi of fuel pressure is a bit on the low side for
your Camaro, but it still should run with that. If it
sat for a long time, you could have some bad
gasoline in the tank. Possibly a clogged fuel filter
as well. If the battery was disconnected, you will
need to relearn the idle speed, which takes a while
of running if you don't have a scanner that is
capable of doing the task. If you can get the RPM's
up enough to keep it running, keep it that way for
a few minutes, or take it for a short drive. That may
help clear it out.
While driving I started losing acceleration. And car engine shut down. Power was
still on. Have a new battery, spark plugs. Need assistance. Grand Am 03.
Probably a bad fuel pump. Check for fuel pressure and/or power and ground at
the fuel pump. If that's good, check crank and cam sensors, ignition module.
sometimes car starts right other times it starts and dips to low RPM's and i must
step on the gas a little bit to keep it running. 99 olds alero
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Checking The Fuel Pressure Regulator For Leaking