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Question: 2003 Pontiac. Replaced TPS two times and MAF once. Changed the ECM and still having idle problems. Tried pulling wires on TPS sensor all are secure. From looks of it all ground wires under hood are secure
 Answer: Check for vacuum leaks.

1999 Grand Prix, it stalls while going down the road, suddenly dies. Midas had it at its worst (ran errands, parked, came out to leave, wouldn't start at all and had to tow it) and replaced the fuel injection sensor (?). It still dies while driving down the road, sometimes I can even catch it and hit the gas and it lurches back to life. When I can't catch it I have to pull over, put it in park, turn on the ignition w/out firing it, give a second and hope it starts. Sometimes it starts right away, sometimes I have to wait and keep trying until it finally turns over. What is up? I took it back to Midas, they put it on their machines and couldn't find any problems.
 Could possibly be a bad crank position sensor. These are good for causing intermittent stalling, especially when the engine is hot. Another possibility is a faulty ignition switch.

Oldsmobile Alero 3.4L. When car is cold it works fine as soon the engine warms up the idle goes up and down and will stall. No problem to restart. Been looking at all sensor and it seems to all ok. I had the evap code and the engine oil switch code come on i do erase then and it does t come back on for a few days. Right its a mystery can someone help me?
 Check for the throttle to be full of carbon. Check for a bad Idle Air Control motor.

Idle is rough only when the AC is OFF. It does this when its hot or cold. Normally I would think its the other way around but this one doesn't make much sense. anyone have any ideas?
 Clean the throttle and check for a vacuum leak.

2005 Buick Rendezvous engine code P0340 call out cam position sensor, I replace the sensor,cleared the code but it come back. The engine is a 3.4L,my question is there more then one cmp sensor where are they located?
 There is only one Cam position sensor on the 3400 engine. It is located behind the power steering pump. If the style you have has a connector that plugs into it, pull on the wires. There are common to get swollen from oil and break. If the sensor came with the wire lead attached, then check the next connection up the harness.

Changed timing chain on 97 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Set the timing and car won't kickover.
 If you mean it won't start, then check the basics first. Does it have spark, and fuel injector signal? What is the compression?

1993 3.1L Pontiac Grand Prix that has a hole in the front exhaust crossover pipe that keeps triggering the o2 sensor, thereby dumping fuel and failing to burn properly. I was wondering if the piece was identical to the front exhaust crossover pipe from the 3.4L engine or if these part are different entirely.
 Probably not, but i can't be sure off the top of my head. The car is 20 years old ! Call the dealer and they can cross reference the numbers for you.

1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 3.1L has spark, ICM bench tested good, good fuel pressure (45lbs at schrader valve), good throttle position sensor. will run when spraying carb cleaner in intake. Injectors each measure 1.5 ohms. NOID light does not flash. seems like injectors not firing. Replaced ECM, no difference.
 1.5 Ohms on the injectors is your problem. They should be about 12.5V each. If you are testing one bank- 3 injectors, then the reading should be about 4 ohms on the line. If you test one injector at a time while the others are still connected, then you are not getting the proper readings. These older 3.1L had a problem where a few of the injectors have low resistance and take down the front or rear bank, or even kill the injector driver inside the ECM until the problem is fixed. You have some bad injectors on your Cutlass.

1997 Monte Carlo 3.1L O2 sensor locations, Bank 1 sensor 2?
 Oxygen sensor location.

How many ft lbs of torque do i need to rocker arms on a 2003 3400 impala motor? chiltons manuel says 14 ft lbs plus 30 degrees....not sure how to figure it out when nobody has a torque wrench that goes under 20 ft lbs
 You can either just feel it out to stop your 20 lbs wrench before it clicks, then go 30 degrees, or just go to 20 then add 15 degrees.

2004 Buick 3400 145,000. Was a little hard starting about 1-2 weeks ,harmonic balancer separated, replaced balancer only,now have whining noise with no belt on and extremely hard starting 80% of the time..when it does start RPM 1,000 cold than fluctuates between 600-700 after revved.
 Check for a vacuum leak or a leaking fuel presure regulator.

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