How do i replace the crankshaft position sensor on a 2003 chevy malibu?

Answer:That depends on which crank sensor.
The 7x sensor is between the engine and the trans. Hard to reach with big hands. Is a 2-wire sensor,  
yellow/blk and Lt. Green wires, with 1 bolt that holds sensor in the block.
The 24x sensor is behind the crank balancer pulley. You will need a puller to remove it then unbolt the

Either way, you will also need to perform  "crankshaft position variation relearn"
If it is not performed, you may get a
check engine light. To perform that, you will need a GM scanner tool.
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2004 Chevy Malibu 2.2 Ecotec Check Engine Misfire codes.
Did a Lube Jobs Replace oil and oil filter, replace air filter, replace tires, replace head light.
Replaced the ignition coil pack, spark plugs, Plug wires(boots), fuel pump, and fuel filter. And tried
cleaning out the converter.
My Question is what is the problem when i start the car it shakes and has a hard time picking up speed?
I did a test and it said a misfire. So i replace the plug, plug wire, ignition coil pack. I started the car and it
still shook but not as bad. Then i replace the fuel pump and the fuel filter. Then i took it for a test run.
The car reach a max speed of 45mph. But it still shakes and has a hard time picking up speed. So i
don't know what the problem is. Later i took it for another test run and this time the car only went 10mph
and it started to smoke inside the ride. It also had a bad smell inside. So Thanks for your time and hope
to get a response.
Answer:A few possibilities-
Sounds like the car is running only 2 cylinders. The ignition control module is a common cause for this.
Need to find out what cylinders are misfiring. You can do this by removing the coil assembly, and install 4
old plug wires between the coils and the cylinders. Then use a grounded test light to cancel each cylinder.
The ones that do cancel and make it run worse or die- these were firing and are OK. If 1 or more do not
cancel, they were not firing to begin with- and that is the cylinder(s) that have a problem.

Check for spark coming out of that cylinder plug wire. If no spark, then sounds like ignition module.
Bad injectors will also do this, but not as common.

The engine timing may have jumped. Need to do a compression check on all cylinders to make sure they
are all close readings to each other.
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Crank Sensor Replacement- 2003 Chevy Malibu