1998 Pontiac Trans Am, 5.7L.
My driver's side front turn signal isn't flashing, when i flip the switch on the steering wheel column
the light on the dash shows up, but it does not flash, and as i go  outside of the vehicle, the rear
taillight stays lit up, and the front turn signal stays lit up, but as soon as i flip the switch back, the
light on the front shuts off, even while running.  Want to know what part I'd need and how i would
fix it.  Thanks and i appreciate your answer

Sounds like a bulb, or socket problem. Have seen bulbs do weird things.
Turn on the passenger side signals, walk around the car and note all the lights. Make sure when
using drivers side, all lights are the same as pass. side, possibly will tell you where the problem is.
Could be an incorrect bulb, 1 bulb dead, or a socket shorting out Need to compare left and right
sides to find what area to concentrate on.
2001 Pontiac  Grand Am
2.4 L
Changed spark plugs
Work done to repair this problem = changed spark plugs
GM tech = JK
question = The car intermittently misses under normal driving conditions every once in a while. Changing
the spark plugs makes it go away but a day or so later it comes back.

If changing the plugs helps, i would look closely at the plugs that were removed. Make sure they all seem
the same color. If one is oil fouled, or looks a little greenish or orange (depending on which coolant is in the
system at this time) this would indicate an internal engine problem. If one is totally black, this would indicate
a rich fuel condition which may be caused by a faulty injector or is more than one is black, then i would
suspect a leaking fuel pressure regulator.

1991 Pontiac Trans Am GTA
Engine size = 5.7
Spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, distributor, injectors, fuel pump.
Question = i have a 1991 GTA it was running fine when i parked it a year ago i got it out and it was
not running right, i replaced the fuel pump, performed a tune up, and replaced the distributer and
then the injectors and still the problem exists. I have it down to cylinders 2 & 6 are missing. I have
injector drive via a noid light and i have spark. Have tried different wires and spark plugs to rule that
out. Also put in a second set of injectors to rule that out  and ran a compression test and have about
170 PSI all the way around. Looking for more advice because I am running out of places to look.
First thing to do would take a fuel sample in a glass jar and check for contamination, or just plain old
bad gas. Contaminants will separate from the gas after sitting a while. If spark is good, plugs and
wires are good- make sure you have spark at each plug wire. If all is OK, i would suspect stuck lifters,
or worn cam lobes. Worn camshaft lobes will not show up on compression test.
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Pontiac Trans Am Turn Signals- Engine Has A Misfire