My 2002 Buick Rendezvous won't start (even when jumped...initially has charge till battery
drained).Sometimes I put the key in, nothing happens. I remove the key, and you can hear relays
going wild and gauges go in opposite direction. Is this an electrical short or bad Control Module or
relay or something else? Thanks much!

This really sounds to me like a bad/shorted battery. Batteries can do some strange things in your
Buick. The fact that when the key is in the ignition you get nothing, but when you remove it you hear
allot going on is probably because of a low system voltage condition.

Modules, relays, switches on todays cars dont like a low voltage situation and cause them to act very
odd. First check the battery connections are clean and tight. There is also a service bulletin about an
under body wiring connector getting corroded.

It is under the truck, just behind about where the drivers seat is. The connector and harness go up to
the floorboard. This connector gets corroded inside and can cause several electrical concerns.
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2002 Buick Rendezvous Clicks When Starting