1990 Chevy Silverado wont shift into drive or overdrive r,1,2, work fine.

Hello, these conditions signify a failure in the forward clutch assembly or the forward sprag. Basically
an internal transmission failure. The trans. will have to come out and be overhauled, or a rebuilt
replacement installed. A rebuilt unit will have any updates that may have been released for this trans.
Since the unit was built.

My 1995 Chevy Silverado
Dear MW Sometimes the headlights don't come on. Then when I wiggle the turn signal handle they
come on. Sometimes they come and then
go off...

2000 GMC jimmy. Gas gauge fluctuates wildly when transmission is in neutral. In drive it is steady but
rarely falls below 3/4 even when the tank is nearly empty.
GM Tech JK:
This is a classic sign of a faulty fuel level sensor.
The fact of the change when in gear or in park is a characteristic of this truck.
When in park or neutral, the fuel level signal goes directly to the gauge without any buffering. When
in gear, the gauge signal goes through a buffer, and the change is much slower. They program it this
way to eliminate fluctuation when the truck is accelerating or turning. This is a normal operation of the
gauge, to go through the buffer or not. But either way, the level sensor is faulty.
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Chevy Silverado Transmission And Headlight Problem