2000 Chevy Monte Carlo Replaced pressure regulator and crank sensor.
Engine starts and runs for about 5 minutes then the car dies and won't start until it cools down.

Answer: Were the parts replaced to repair this same condition?
Any codes?
What engine size?

The 3.4l engine has two crank sensors, a 24x and a 7x. The 7x is between the rear of the engine
and the trans. The 24x is behind the crank pulley. The crank sensor on the 3800 is behind the
crank pulley. With either sensor behind pulley, a 'crankshaft position sensor variation' relearn
must  be performed.

I would definitely keep an eye on fuel pressure when it dies and wont restart. Have had some
wiring harnesses rub through on a/c accumulator (bulletin). Usually that causes intermittent
problems. Have had a few pcm failures that cause this also.

Need to know what causing the die/no start------
No/low fuel pressure, no spark,
theft light on (possible ignition switch problem).

1997 Monte Carlo check engine light.
My car was running fine until one day i was driving on the freeway and it just lost power meaning
acceleration is that an oxygen sensor or an mass flow sensor.
The problem you are having could be many different things. An oxygen sensor going bad is not one of
them. You first need to get the code scanned. That will tell you what system has a problem.

You could have a plugged catalytic converter, a bad MAF sensor, MAP sensor, or other. The stored
trouble codes will tell you.

But you can also have a fuel pump going bad or just a plugged fuel filter causing low pressure.
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Chevy Monte Carlo Check Engine Light And Dies after 10 Minutes