2001 Oldsmobile Aurora.
Repairs made = crank sensors upper and lower. When i start my car it is hard starting and rough
idle..occasionally high idle.. Other times normal it also stalls a stops..
Engine light on..
No codes(snap on 2500) that make sense... Once in a great while low oil pressure came on screen.

f the
engine light is on, it should have a code. After replacing crank position sensor(s), you also
need to perform a 'Crank sensor position re-learn' procedure. Dont think that is available on a
snap-on scanner. If that is not done, it will set a light and cause a stall condition and hard start.
Another cause for hard start and stall is the fuel pressure regulator leaking fuel into the vacuum
line causing a rich condition.

Oil pressure sensors on that 4.0 engine are a common failure for the oil light.
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2001 Aurora High Idle And Crank Sensor Codes