1992 Buick LeSabre Custom 3800 V6.
My Daughters Buick chugs and will even die on her. I just put new plugs in and that didn't help
any. So i poured a bottle of injector cleaner in the tank and drove the car for about 5 miles and
that seemed to  help some. What would you suggest I try to do next? What else should I be
looking at? Thanks for  your help.

What you are describing could be several things, but a common problem is that the fuel  
pressure regulator is leaking fuel into the vacuum hose, causing a rich condition. Another
symptom is that it cranks long until it starts, then runs rough for a few seconds, then  clears up,
may die at stops. I would also check fuel pressure, and check to see if it is misfiring.
Fuel pressure regulator on the GM 3800 3.8L v6 engine. If leaking gas, this will cause hard starting and misfires.
3800 3.8L V6 GM engine fuel pressure regulator location pictures.
1- Location of fuel pressure regulator
on 3.8 engine
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Buick Lesabre Chugs And Then Dies Out