Wife was driving home, hit a pothole, at that point digital dash quit working, ABS light stays on &
Transmission will not shift, all other systems work fine. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank

With all those things, sounds like either a ground problem, or possibly a wiring harness got  
pulled/broken. Check battery connections, check fluid in trans., If hit something in road, pan may  
be leaking. Check some of the grounds on the radiator support behind each headlight and on  
inner fenders.

Check for a broken ground wire on the rear of the passenger side cylinder head. Between the
firewall and the rear of the intake manifold.

Digital dash clusters on those vans/trucks are also common for going bad, but  hard to say if it is all
related. If a wiring harness was torn/pulled underneath, that could cause ABS and trans. Problem.
After checking those items, would suggest getting the systems scanned  for
trouble codes.
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GMC Digital Dash Quits And ABS Light When Hitting Bumps