2002 Chevy Tahoe truck won't start.

Engine cranks but will not turn over... Checked airflow, spark plugs, and fuel pump.
Any suggestions?

Well, there are too many things to list.
Does it have spark on all cylinders, does it have injector pulse on all cylinders, does it have at
LEAST 55 psi. Fuel pressure, is the
security light on, any stored trouble codes, is it cranking
fast enough, How/when did it stop running, etc.

You need to take it to a shop and get the diagnosis started. No magic answer with a general 'no
start' condition. Need much more info. To help with this one.

I have a 2004 Tahoe and just lost power brakes and power steering simultaneously. I first
suspected a belt failed, but now I'm thinking the same pump powers the power steering and
the power brakes booster. Does this sound right, and if so, what am I looking at for repair
costs, time. I was planning on traveling out of state tomorrow afternoon, but am now doubting
that I'll be able to.
Most likely this is a problem with the power steering system.
The power steering pump supplies pressure to the power brake booster. This is like a vacuum
controlled booster on most other cars, but instead of vacuum, it uses power steering pump
pressure. If steering fluid is ok, then the pump has probably failed. Most of the time the shaft that
connects the pump pulley to the internal parts of the pump snaps.

The pulley will turn with the belt, but the internals of the pump do not pump pressure. Without
having a pressure testing kit, you can put a large screw driver between the pump pulley and the
pump itself, and see if you can pry / push the pulley forward (toward the front of the truck)

If it moves more then 1/8 inch, the shaft has snapped and the pump needs to be replaced. Cost
fro repairs varies depending on where you would get the repairs. At a GM dealer, expect to pay
approx. $300 for the pump, plus 2.5 hours labor. At another repair facility, the pump would cost
approx. $125 for a non-factory pump, labor time the same.
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Chevy Tahoe Cranks Over But Won't Start