I have a 1989 olds 88 3800 engine it misses and i get  code #13 please what is that?                    

Code 13 is the oxygen sensor circuit.
Misfires can be anything from basic spark plugs, coils, plug wires, or
injectors. Thinking back, the
ECM(computer) were also known for causing oxygen sensor codes and misfires of 1 or more
injectors. With the age of the vehicle, it would need to get checked out at a shop.

1997 Olds 88
Engine size =
Repairs for this problem = Tune up, Replaced broken vacuum lines
Question: Transmission wants to shift to overdrive too soon then back and forth drive-overdrive or
sometimes 2nd-3rd. Its not as bad when in cruise control but it still wants to surge when not under load.
The surging you are feeling and the back and forth gears may not be overdrive, but TCC- torque
converter lockup. You can test for that feeling by getting to about 40 MPH steady then touching the
brake pedal This will disengage TCC. If this is the dame feeling, you may have a TCC solenoid acting
up or a valvebody problem. Try a filter and fluid change.

1996 olds delta 88. 3800 V6
Warning lights = check engine codes = P0107.
Question = what is causing a code of P0107  on my delta 88.
Both of those trouble codes are for the MAP sensor
(Manifold Absolute Pressure). If you take the plastic cover off of your engine, you can see the
MAP sensor is located in the upper intake manifold, on the right side(passenger side). It is on
top of the PCV valve access and will have a wiring connector running to it. Usually these codes
set due to a bad sensor. It would be a good idea to remove it and look for any debris in the hole.

You can also remove the top of the PCV cover by turning it counter-clockwise to release it from
the two tabs that hold it in place. If you have recently replaced the PCV valve or need to do so at
this juncture, be sure to not forget the two o-rings that are inside it. Failure to replace these or if
you leave one out, you will have a major vacuum leak and the car will burn oil. If this is the case,
it can cause your MAP sensor codes as well. Your best bet is to replace the MAP sensor, and
PCV valve kit.
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Oldsmobile Code 13, P0107 and MAP Sensor