1996 chevy Corsica.
Check engine light came on with no codes.
Repairs = spark plugs and wires and gas filter.
Question = i was driving my car and check engine light came on then my
car shut off and now it sounds like it wants to start it does but say only 3 secs.

There are many things that can cause this. Since it just happened after a check engine light
came on, then instantly dies and wont re-start, you will need to have the
codes scanned.
Then, need to do some basic checking. First check all fuses. Next, need to find out if you have
spark to the plugs, fuel pressure, and fuel injector pulse. This problem could be anything from
a bad crank position sensor, to a bad computer.
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1992 Chevrolet Corsica. Replaced new fuel pump, coil packs. Vehicle funs about 5
minutes and shuts off, there is a sensor with wires on bell housing and if unplug, engine
runs at high idle, but continues running ok.
Not sure what sensor you are talking about. But making the idle go up keeping it running
means the idle is too low. The high idle is just a bandage. Check for vacuum leaks,
check the Idle air control valve, and
clean the carbon from the throttle.
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Chevy Corsica Runs Bad- Engine Light On