Remote does not work on my 2006 Chevrolet Impala.
I need instructions on how to change the battery.
One of my remote FOB works, but the other just quit all of a sudden.
I read that all i have to do is pry the cover off somehow to replace the battery that i bought. Just dont
want to break the cover or anything inside the remote. Any help with this problem would be great.
Yes, that is correct.
Use a small screw driver or even a dime. Look for a small indent in the bottom of the remote
between the two halves. Some remotes have this indent, others do not.
Use the screw driver to pry the top and bottom apart.

If there is no indent, then work the tip of the tool along the edge to separate the top and bottom.
Be careful removing the battery, as on some models the small metal holder will break off the
circuit board and you will need to get a new FOB.
This is the most common failure on these remotes.

See pictures above.
Battery location inside the remote keyless entry FOB. The metal tang that holds the battery to the circuit board is a common thing to break off and cause the remote to stop working.
How to replace the battery in the key FOB remote of your car or truck.
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