My nephew has a 2000 sunfire, he changed the switch in it because it didn't want
to turn most of the time and you had to jiggle it and baby it to get the car to start.
After changing the switch, the car wouldn't start. Tried resetting it a couple time as
described and didn't fix the problem. He got the switch from a junk yard and only
got the tumbler and housing. Is there more he needs to get as well for it to work?
The Sunfire's security system is different than the Malibu
talked about here. The cylinder is different and the
ignition switch is not part of the system. A relearn
procedure is required if the cylinder is replaced. If there
are codes set in the body control module, those would
need to be addressed as well. That would need to be
checked out to give a proper diagnosis of what you need
to fix your car.
I used the remote start feature on my 2004 Malibu Maxx but something went wrong.
I have used remote start countless times without any problems; however, when I
pushed the button the car made one loud click (which sounded like the starter tried
to engage) and then...nothing. As I got closer to the car, I could hear a faint
clicking sound coming from the relays. On the instrument panel, the only thing to
be seen is the padlock light, which is blinking very sporadically and without any
rhythm. I put the key in the ignition and tried to start it manually; however, there is
no power to anything except that light. I unhooked the battery (neg) and let it set
for about 30. As soon as I start trying to hook the battery back up, the relay starts
clicking and the padlock light starts blinking again.
I would try jumping the vehicle or replacing the battery. It
sounds like your problem may be a dead battery.
Clicking from the starter and other weird electronic
problems can be from low voltage. Start with that...
I'm having the same problems with my 2000 malibu as you know. It won't start.
From all I read, this is a serious problem. Thanks for the help and advice (all)
When you explained the theft re-learn procedure code on the previous page is
that something you must do when it doesn't start or when it will start? I have the
blinking theft system light problem as well. Trying to find a cheap way to fix it. Just
curious if I do the re-learn when the theft system light is blinking or when the car
will actually start. Thanks!
I have 1999 Chevy Malibu that I had to replace the ignition switch due to a break in
of the car. We have tried to reset steps and the theft system light has been
blinking for over an hour. Could having them knock the ignition switch back have
damaged something else. Any suggestions.
If the car starts, you obviously don't need to do the theft
relearn. This procedure is for when the car doesn't start
and the theft light is on steady or flashing. Under normal
circumstances, when the car starts, the theft light does
come on during a bulb check for a few seconds.
Replacement of the ignition switch would not need a theft
system reprogram. The security data is in the Passlock
cylinder and the Body Control Module (BCM). Sounds
like you have another problem. Did you reconnect the
small electrical connector into the ignition switch that
actually plugs into the Passlock cylinder?
hello I recently did an engine swap on a 1999 malibu I went from a 4 cyl to a 6 cyl ,
both cars ran and drove, the 4 cyl had a engine knock , and the 6 cyl car was
wrecked in the rear . I drove them both into the shop.. I changed the ECM, with the
engine but now the car will only run on starting fluid, I have fuel pressure at the
filter, but the theft light is on, should I swap the bcm also? Any advice?
You could try and do a theft relearn procedure.
The BCM sends the theft signal to the ECM and the ECM allow starting. Swapping
BCM may work, with a relearn after replacing, but it might not. Who knows if the
theft signal circuit wiring between the 2 is the same in both cars.
i have a 2004 chevy malibu, and it turns over but wont start. I did the key thing for
ten minutes and it started up that worked for a couple of times. Now it will not start
at all, my mechanic has no clue whats wrong with it. Any ideas?
The reprogram key thing worked. My girlfriends 2000 Malibu theft system wouldn't
allow the car to start for about a week.
To the owner of the 2004 malibu Maxx who posted a comment on 8/9/11; I also had
remote start installed and used in a 1999 pontiac sunfire. I experienced the same
problem, if you are still having this problem you can email me and I can walk you
through the process. It was a huge hassle and problem and
no one could figure it out.
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I had to replace the engine in my '99 Malibu. We got a rebuilt motor from a parts
store. It is in. Having the problem where it won't start or does for a few seconds and
dies. The brake cleaner in the air filter trick worked then it would die. Changed the
fuel pump and filter($300) did not fix the problem. I've spent $2000 on my car and
would just like it to start and run right. Willing to try anything. My husband is trying
to get it to work now.
Hello from Mexico, here's the solution (worked for me):

Pull out the stereo, then look for the cables coming out from the ignition switch,
then start the car, when it's running cut the yellow wire, that will left theft system
light on all the time, at this point you will not have problems starting the car
anymore, you have been disabled the theft system.

Now, once you have disabled it, you need to do some hack to the bcm to turn off
the light, how can you do that ?? Easy, put an ohmmeter connected to yellow wire
from ignition switch and ground (probably doesn't show any resistance) then put
REVERSE (we know that the car wouldn't start) and turn the key to start position, at
this time ohmmeter shows up the resistor value in the ignition cylinder, then you
need to find some resistor value with 10% tolerance up or down to replace (i have
to put  3 resistors in series or continuous to reach the ohms value)when you have it
with car started connect the new resistor from ground and now to the yellow wire
that goes to the bcm and should turn off the light, if everything went fine you can
solder that resistor to the 2 cables and use tape, now you have been disabled theft
system and turn off the light too on the dash, because the resistor value always be
the same even with the car turned off, and you can start the car rapidly with no
problems, it starts and the light goes off, if you have any doubt i left my email:
i have an 03 malibu that wont stay running we did all the security system stuff you
said and it started but it will die out after 15 secs or less what else could it be tom
03 malibu.
i was in such a big hurry and my car didn't start this isn't the first time I've used this
website and bam my car started thank you so much for your great work and the
fact that this exists.
I have a 2001 Malibu and I first experienced the theft system light last Spring.  My
key would not turn at all and I ended up having my car towed.  A month ago, I was
able to turn my key, but the car would not start = towed again!  Last week, my key
turned all the way, but it would not start.  Therefore, I had to get it towed
again(thanks for AAA).  This is the first time I have heard about this relearn
procedure.  I guess I will have to try this when it happens again, but yes this is
frustrating.  Perhaps I might have to look for a different car. Thanks for the helpful
I have a 1999 chevy malibu and tried the relearn procedure and the car started
right up. Thanks for the advice.
I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu that loses power in traffic and then won't start.  The
buzzer sounds the doors lock and re-lock and the anti-theft light flashes.  The
PCM, ignition switch check out as okay.  We have replaced multiple fuel pumps all
of which were later proven to be fully functional.  GM says the PCM is
non-functional because there is no output signal to the fuel pump when this
problem occurs - I think the Dealer needs to take more training, because that is the
way the anit-theft system works.  What do you think?  Check out Malibu Anit-Theft?
Device on Facebook, I am trying to get GM to replace or repair our defective pass
code devices
I just had to tow my car 17 miles because it wouldn't start.  I did this procedure and
my car started right up. This was so helpful! Thank u!
I need help very badly. I have a 1998 Chevy Malibu and I tried the theft system
thing but its still not working and my battery keeps dying. Whats going on.
Very vague. Could be a million different things. Bad
battery, ignition switch, Passlock sensor, ignition module,
fuel pump, PCM, crank sensor, etc.
I have a 2002 Chevrolet Malibu. I've had this car for just under a year and I've been
having problems with my theft system locking me out. Now, I know how to disable
that by keeping my key in the ignition for ten minutes. I was driving the other day
and I just lost power. It would then start up for a couple seconds and then would die
again. I tried this repeatedly and would still not fire up. I checked my fuel pressure
and spark plugs and they were fine. I got one of the small computers to give me a
reading and it said the code P0131 which is the sensor circuit low volts (bank 1
sensor 1). But as I've been researching, the 'check engine' light will come on if it's
the O2 sensor. It's my understanding that an O2 sensor will not stop the vehicle
from running. I've had four different opinions and three of the four think it's
something to do with my theft system dying completely. My engine will turn over!
But will not start. Is there any way you could help me out.
That is correct, and oxygen sensor will not cause your
car to stall out. But again, neither will the test system.
You are if you seem to lose all electrical power along with
engine power then you may have a bad ignition switch. A
quick check that sometimes works is to start the car and
lightly tap on the key. This can cause a faulty ignition
switch to act up. If it does, then you need to replace it.
I also have a 1999 Malibu, it started with my gas gauge not working.
Have a 2001 Chevy Malibu.  Had it towed last night, won't start.  Thanks to all of
your comments, I tried the 10 minute thing, my car started.  Now I know what to do..
I have a 99 malibu. I tried the 10 minute thing and my battery died or something
because when I tried to start it, it wouldn't start and it started making this clicking
noise. What else to do or if I did something wrong?
To the guy from Mexico , whats your email?
Today was my only day off from work and it happened to me , thank god this
happened to me at my house... It just dint want to start i have an 01 malibu. i did
the 10 minute thing and it worked. Will this happen every time you turn on your car
or when its parked for a period of time?
2003 Chevy Malibu here. Had this same problem. Fixed it twice. This time i was
advised to get it fixed by the dealer, with dealer keys and the whole 9 yards. After
maybe four months, my car then had the passlock trip again, waited ten minutes
with the key in the on position, and it went off. Asked the dealer what to do to
prevent it, and they told me it could be my battery is weak. I'm changing my battery
today myself but I'm really upset that I'm putting all this money into this stupid issue.
2004 2.2 malibu has fuel pressure and spark runs on starting fluid. Changed the
crank sensor and ICM nothing any help.
Read Above !
Check for fuel injector pulse signal.
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