Problem with my 1994 Pontiac Firebird.

Question = the other night the car stopped running all of the sudden. i went to put the car in
park and turn the key to restart... Nothing happened. Fuel pump didn't make any noises. Dash
still read that i was going 50 mph. Starter solenoid didn't click or anything. Just replaced battery.
A month ago due to a dead cell. i checked all the fuses and none were blown... What do you
think could be going on? Any help would be great.
If you dont have enough
electrical in the car to crank it, then the alternator may have failed.
Check to make sure the battery cables are clean and tight.

Pull on the ground cable and follow it down to the engine to make sure it is tight.
Possible blown fusible link. There are several at the starter, and i believe on a junction block on
one of the fenders. The same block / stud used for jump starting. Should be a red cap over it.

1987 Pontiac Firebird.
Virtually all computer related sensors have been changed.
Shortly after warm up the idle increases to around 1100 rpm in neutral. Should be 600 to 70o
rpm in drive. Idle is too high.
Check for a vacuum leak. Maybe intake gaskets start leaking after they get heated up. Check
intake manifold gaskets especially as well as the carburetor / throttle body gasket. The
throttle gaskets are good for leaking vacuum.
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Pontiac Firebird Died Out And Idles Too High