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: I have a check engine light on . I have a bad wheel bearing . I was wondering if that could
make it come on.

Answer: How do you know the wheel bearing is bad? Is it noisy?

Its a humming noise  it gets louder the faster the car goes.

Yes, this does sound like a wheel bearing. No, this will not cause the check engine light to come on. It
could make the ABS light come on though.

What is abs light?

Anti lock brakes (ABS).

Nope only light is the
check engine light.

OK. You would need to get the codes scanned to find out what is having a problem. Most check
engine lights are related to the emissions system.

Its a 441 code. Already replaced the gas cap and the charcoal canister.

Model and year vehicle please.

2009 Chevy Aveo LT.

P0441 means Insufficient or excessive purge vapor flow detected in
EVAP system. You may have a
bad EVAP purge valve.

So getting a evap purge valve might make the light go off?

Yes. But testing it would be needed to confirm that. I never recommend just guessing and replacing

What test could be done?

A scanner that can control the valve, then check for proper vacuum and flow through the valve.

Could a auto store test that or a proper chevy dealership.

Any shop can test that for you. Expect to pay 1 hour labor for the diagnosis of the system.

Oh okay car only has 36, 000 miles on it. A wheel bearing shouldn't be bad .

That is odd for it to fail already. It should be covered under the factory powertrain warranty. The
engine light may be as well.

What else could it be? We check the brakes and isn't that . Its coming from the right passenger tire.

Either a bad tire or the bearing. Swap tires to see if noise changes. If it does not, then it is the

Okay good idea ..
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2009 Chevy Aveo Whel Bearing Noise And Engine Light