2000 Chevy 1500 Silverado 5.3L V-8 Vortec. Changed fuel filter.
Question = the truck will start. Runs good for 10 seconds, then stalls. Initially when the truck
stalled it wouldn't even start at all. I towed it home, changed the fuel filter and it would then start
and run. But only for 10 secs then die. Any help you could offer in the general direction of where
to start would be appreciated. Donation to follow

This does sound like fuel pressure problem. Replacing the filter seemed to help. That may have
helped a weak or binding pump build some pressure. Best way to tell is to put a fuel gauge on it
and check pressure.

You can also have someone bang on the bottom center of the fuel tank when starting. Sometimes
this will cause a bad fuel pump to keep it running or try to stay running, until you stop banging on
it. Also spraying carb cleaner in the throttle to keep it running would indicate a bad pump. The
pump may also have burned connectors on top of the fuel tank pump / module assembly. This
would cause low current to the pump, intern cause it to stop running or produce low pressure.
Usually the connectors get burned because of a bad pump anyway.

2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 Service engine soon.
Question = My truck is bogging out. It does it when I go to back out of the drive and it does it when I'm
going down the highway. I thought it may had been my fuel filter so I put a new filter on but it's still
doing it.
There are many things that can cause this.
First thing is to get the codes scanned from the computer. With the check engine light on, there are
codes stored. Most of the large parts store chains will do this for free. This would give indication as
to what system is having a problem. You could have a bad throttle sensor, Mass Airflow (MAF)
sensor, low fuel pressure, etc

1999 chevy Silverado 1500
Engine size = 4.3
Repairs for this problem = full tune up at 3000 timing chain and gears new cam and crank sensors
new coil egr valve and 2 o2 sensors.
Question = engine has low fire pink in color tries to start floods cylinders with gas
If you have not already, check or just replace the coil wire to the distributor cap. Aside from that, i
would not focus too much on the color of the spark. A crank sensor, EGR valve, Os sensors, etc.
Will not effect spark strength. Look more at a fuel pressure problem. Get a gauge on the pressure
tap and try to start. Then after it won't, look to see if the pressure is dropping. It should stay
steady. If it is dropping, then you may have either a  bad fuel pressure regulator (FPR) that is
dumping fuel into the intake, and into the cylinders, or a few stuck open injectors.
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2000 Silverado Runs For 10 Seconds Then Stalls