2006 Pontiac GTO 6.0L engine. Warning lights: SVS, Fuel Gauge Error, Check Oil.
Computer codes:
Scanner will not Connect.
Checked all of my connections, checked every fuse, checked the BCM wiring.

Ok, Ive had this issue for 2 weeks now and can not figure it out. I just got done with my Procharger
install. I go to start the car and it wont turn over but it throws the SVS, Check Oil, and Fuel Gauge
error. It also says trac off and wont turn it back on. PCM and the BCM get power/ground and puts out
power/ground. The OBD port gives my scanner power but no signal. EVERY fuse in the car is good.
Swapped the relays around. Jumped the car to 13.5v because the battery got low after a while.
Checked the wiring for any obvious cuts or shorts. The
PCM was relocated (BAT was connected).

Obviously with the relocation of the PCM, that's where the problem lies. I would say that most likely,
you have a wiring problem that you haven't found yet. You could have smoked the PCM during
relocation, especially if the battery was still hooked up. There would be no way to know for sure until
you have absolutely made sure every single wire is good.

Since your scanner powers up but is receiving no signal from the PCM, it is not getting any data on the
serial data line. If you can communicate with other modules, you can assume the serial data line in the
car is good and would be broken outside, such as in the engine compartment where you worked on it.
You will need to
check for continuity on each PCM wire from the connectors at the PCM to the
connector where the wire leads.

This will need to be done for every sensor and wiring going into the car. If you have continuity with a
multimeter, the wire is good. If it shows 'out of limits' or 'infinite' then the wire is open and you know you
have a break somewhere. If it ends up that you need to replace the PCM, you will need it programmed
and set up at a dealership.

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