2007 Pontiac Grand Prix. 3.8 V6.
Question: I am having difficulty getting my headlights to turn on when I unlock the car. My parking lights
tail lights turn on but no headlights. I have programmed the external lights to come on for 30seconds and
even tried resetting it to off and then back on, but still nothing. Please help!

You should be able to set that up in the personalization section of the Driver Information Center (DIC).
Your owner's manual would have detailed instruction on how to do that. If they still aren't coming on when
you want them too, and you're sure the setting is correct, you could possibly have a Body Control
Module problem.

You would need the car checked to see if there are any stored codes in the system. The headlights are
automatic on your car, but that shouldn't have any affect on the personalization aspect. We don't see it
often, but there have problems with the DIC before on your style vehicle, but again it would need to be
checked out at a dealer.

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.4L Check engine light code P0341 and P0122 once. Replaced new fuel
filter, body clean,mass air flow sensor and air filter. Cleaned plug gaps were .080.Engine idles rough
and has a flat spot on acceleration. With scanner hooked and checking TPS I dont get a voltage
reading for a split second when snap-throttling. Is that normal ?

That depends on how good your scanner is. The expensive scanners will pick up that throttle sensor
change. The cheaper ones do not have the speed to see it. You need to slowly push on the gas pedal
and watch the data to check it for proper function.

Code P0341 is for the cam position sensor, so I would not even worry about the TPS at this time. You
can check the wires on it though. The Cam sensor has a common problem that the wires going into
the top of it get full of oil swell up and the cause the sensor to fail. On the 3400 engine, it is located
behind and below the power steering pump. Can be a little hard to see. You need to remove the pump
to replace it, then clear the codes and see if that takes care of your hesitation.

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Grand Prix Headlights Problem- Code P0341 and P0122