2001 Grand Prix Dies After Three Seconds

Theft problem on my 2001 pontiac grand prix Se. Question = Why does my 2001 pontiac grand prix start and die after 3 seconds. Some one told me to have the battery checked and it was bad. Ran good for 3 days and started up again. I noticed after all this started my security light is flashing on my dash. Any tips or suggestions I am lost.

The most common cause for this problem is the "passlock ignition cylinder". This ignition cylinder has the sensor for the security system in it, and it sends the signal to the body control module (BCM). The BCM should be scanned for codes to be sure. There may be codes B2960, or B2958.
This is a telltale sign of the cylinder being bad. Once the cylinder is replaced, it will have to be programmed. That cylinder is approx $175 at the dealer. Leaving the key on is not the proper re-learn procedure.

Click here for theft / security re-learn procedure.

Eventually this will not work, and the car will not start even after waiting. Expect to pay approx. 2 hrs. labor for replacement, whether it be the dealer, or any repair facility.

pontiac grand prix

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix. Engine size = 3.1
Question = how do i remove the drivers side steering wheel airbag from my 04 Pontiac Grand Prix GT? I'm disabled. To replace steering wheel trim and it sure looks like the airbag has to come off first. Is that correct?

To remove the steering wheel airbag, you must first disable the SIR system. Then, using a special tool ( or 2 thin screwdrivers) you need to release the retaining tabs on the back side of the wheel. 2 on each side, for a total of 4. Each side pair must be released at the same time, then release the two on the other side. Hold the airbag outward on the first side you release before you start to release the other side. Then pull the airbag off.

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