4.3L Vortec V6 Six Engine Oiling System

Full oil pressure lubrication, through a full-flow oil filter is supplied by a gear-type oil pump. Oil is drawn up through the oil pump screen and passes through the pump to the oil filter. The oil filter is a full-flow paper element unit with an anti-drain back valve.

An oil filter bypass valve is used to ensure adequate oil supply, in the event the filter becomes plugged or develops excessive pressure drop. Filtered oil flows into the main gallery and then to the camshaft, the balance shaft, the rear bearing, and the crankshaft bearings.

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The valve lifter oil gallery supplies oil to the valve lifters. Oil flows from the valve lifters through the hollow valve pushrods to the valve rocker arms. Oil drains back to the crankcase through the oil drain holes in the cylinder head. The camshaft timing chain is drip fed from the front camshaft bearing. The pistons and piston pins are lubricated by oil splash.

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