Oldsmobile Alero Dash Lights- ABS And Traction

Problem with my 2003 Oldsmobile Alero 2.2 four cylinder. Dash light are out when i'm driving but come on when you first start the car. The OBD 2 code reader i have could not read the car PCM to get the codes out from memory.

Question: While driving one day everything on my dash board (gages and all) and radio shut down but the car was still driving just fine. When I got home the only way the dash bored and radio would work is when i open the trunk but it would go off in like 5sec. So then we ran a OBD scan and nothing happen. It wouldn't read the car. After a while the car would only start if you had the OBD plug to the car. It turns over by itself now but nothing in my dash bored or radio works still. What could be the problem?

Answer: With all these odd electrical problems, i would say first check that the battery cables are clean and tight. Next check all fuses. This may be a ground wire problem somewhere in the car, or an ignition switch problem. The ignition switch supplies power to many of the cars electrical systems. Wiggling the key around a little, or tapping on the head of the key when the car is running may cause electrical systems to act up. This would indicate a faulty ignition switch

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2001 Oldsmobile Alero. Antilock, trac off, service vehicle soon lights came on. Question: While driving My Oldsmobile I heard a clunking noise coming from the back of my car and then all of the lights listed above came on. What could this be? It just started all of a sudden and i don't know what to do about it.

Answer: It could be a bad wheel bearing/hub that was making the noise. Usually when those go bad it is more of a growling type noise, but they can also set the anti lock brake light and other lights you mentioned. Possibly also a broken rear shock or strut.

I'd look underneath the car and see if you ran over anything that did some sort of damage or if you have something that is falling off the car or broken. You could have run over something that ripped the ABS harness out of one of the hub bearings, or broken other suspension components. A scanner will help diagnose the problem. Once the trouble codes are retrieved that are setting the lights on. You'll probably need a dealer or shop to do this. Some parts store will read them for free, but they are not very good at diagnosis, just trying to sell parts.

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