2002 Oldsmobile Alero. Sometimes there is a clicking sound. It is the sound that is made when the
turn signal is on. It varies in speed, sometimes slower than the turn signal, sometimes faster.

This is happening at random without the turn signal being used. What could this be and how could
it be fixed? And how much could it cost?

What you are describing is a fairly common problem. Either a bad hazzard flasher or turn signal
switch. The hazzard flasher / button is also the turn signal flasher. You can try to get it to act up by
pushing the button is very slightly and see if you can get the noise to occur. If so, the hazzard
flasher will need to be replaced. Or wiggle the turn signal handle up and down slightly- again to
see if you can duplicate the noise. Most of time it is the hazzard flasher / switch.
2002 Oldsmobile Alero.
How do i change my hazzard flasher / switch button..? My flasher keep clicking when not turn on. If I
push my hazzard button it stops.

Yes this is a pretty common problem on this and several other models of cars. On the Oldsmobile
Alero, you will need to remove the trim around the gauges cluster. There are a couple of screws in
the top of that check panel. Remove those and then pull the trim out. Then remove the four screws
that hold the gauges cluster in the dash.

Tilt the steering wheel all the way down then remove the cluster. Now you can access the backside
of the Hazzard flasher switch. The switch is pretty tight in the dash. To retainer tangs hold the switch
into the dash. Look at the new switch to see exactly where they're located then release the tabs and
push the switch into the dash and remove it. Be careful not to break the plastic bracket on the dash
that the switch goes into. If that breaks it will need to be replaced as well and I can be quite difficult
because the screws go in from the backside of the dash. Then just snap the new switch into place.
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Oldsmobile Alero Turn Signals Clicking And Not Flashing
Problem with my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero 3.4l V6.
Replaced intake gasket 10 months prior to this problem.
TPS sensor, TPS connector, IAC sensor, plugs, wires, all 3 coil packs, trans filter and flush, injector

First thing if you can help me i will come back and leave a nice tip or donations. i have asked
several mechanics about this cant figure out. My car has a high idle sometimes and chugs around
50 -60 MFA all the time. The high idle will happen at start up sometimes when i unplug the TPS it
idles down plug back in will run great until you shut off and restart as listed above i have tried a lot
of different ideas.

Sometimes it will do it sometimes it wont but when it does it the car not shift right and you cant set
cruise control. i have looked at all vacuum lines and wires even had a buddy test resistance is some
wires to TPS from computer under dash. All comes back good. Hoping you have some ideas.

I would have the PCM
scanned for codes anyway if you have not. Some codes will not set a light.
The fact that the TPS unplugging corrects it and that when it is acting up, along with shifting and
cruise, i would suspect a faulty PCM. The PCM controls all these functions. A scan may show a
code for "5 volt reference circuit. If this is the case, then inspecting all the other sensors on
the 5 volt reference would be needed.

The TPS shares a 5 volt reference with other sensors. If one of these other sensors had a problem,
unplugging the TPS and plugging back in could correct the problem that the PCM sees incorrect
voltage on that circuit until the next key cycle.
2003 Alero hast cost a fortune so far. Now he gets in and starts it up and all his gauges go
crazy, then the overheated light comes on and then it drains all the power out of the
battery and the car dies. He cant even move the car it happens so fast. And it is NOT
overheated i can hold the radiator hoses and put my hand on the radiator its ice cold.
Sounds like a bad ignition switch.