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Hello, I have a 2005 GMC sierra and the abs computer wont connect with computer. I have a ABS brakes scanner but it say check connections.
 ANSWER: Check to see if the you can pull codes from the engine computer. If not, i would suspect just a blown fuse for the diagnostic connector. If you can, then you could have a bad ABS module. Test your scanner on another similar vehicle first.

2002 Buick Rendezvous and my ABS brake light has started to come on and my AWD has shut itself off for some reason. It has 107000 miles and other than this it is in excellent shape. Any ideas
 You probably have a wheel speed sensor that is bad on one or more hubs. You'd have to get the code pulled to see which one exactly. Also check the wiring harnesses to the sensors for corrosion. For the AWD, could be a mechanical failure, or electronic, that would need to be checked out by a tech.

AWD disabled light comes on when I put my foot on the brake to start the car in the morning. Not getting the ABS light. Light went off both times after driving 4-5 miles. No glitches showed up in a computer check yesterday. The light never came back on when the car was used 3-4 times during the day. Only during morning start.
 HMMM. That is a strange one. If the light does not come on when foot not on the brake, I would guess you have a short somewhere. AWD can be disabled without ABS problems. There may be a problem in the rear differential. That is a different module. This one needs a dealer to look at.

My Anti-lock lights up every time i turn on my head/ taillights. What can be the cause? If i keep them turned off, the abs dont light up.
 ANSWER: You may have a low voltage condition on your vehicle. Low system voltage will set an ABS code since it cannot operate properly. Headlights and park lights use quite a bit a system voltage.

I bought a 2006 Chevy Uplander about 3 weeks ago. The brakes were serviced when I bought it. I've put about 1500 kms on since buying it. Just now the ABS light, traction light, and stability warning all came on. Could this all be connected with having the brakes done??
 Usually, doing the brakes does not cause the ABS system light to come on or have problems. There are times, however, that the wiring and/or hub bearing with integral wheel speed sensor can be disturbed doing this if someone was hammering or otherwise being rough in that general area. If the rotors were rusted on pretty good, they can need some heavy beating on to remove fully. That could be a cause. You'd need to get the code pulled to see exactly which wheel is acting up, but it sounds like you are going to need at least one new hub bearing assembly. When they go bad, the lights you mention will come on and there may be an abnormal feeling in the brakes when coming to a stop.

2002 Suburban 4wd. ABS light on but no codes? When you turn key on ABS light goes on-off for a moment-and on again. Checked with a Genesis scanner with 2004 ABS installed/unlocked, so a cheap scanner is not the issue. Any idea of possible causes?
 Personally, I wouldn't rely on the scanner results. You should really get it scanned at a dealer or by someone who has a Tech2. If the light is on, there is definitely a code set somewhere in the system. If you've got Stabililtrak, or Traction Control, the scanner you used will NOT be able to read those codes which also set the ABS light on.

I have a 92 Oldsmobile cutlass. I have had the ABS light on for a long while now, never had issues with braking till a week ago. The pedal with be soft one minute and hard the next and the parking brake light comes on if the pedal is pushed hard. I took it into the shop and they said that they checked the brakes (front and rear) as well as the Master cylinder, and everything is fine. They said that it's just the ABS acting up but that the ABS might cause the brakes to become soft and possibly fail???
 If you have the ABS light on, you have a problem with that system. They should have checked for codes and told you what was wrong there. The pedal can go soft if the ABS activates which is a normal occurrence, unless there is a problem associated with the system. The red brake light is usually for the parking brake or if the fluid level is low. If you're having a problem with the pump or modulator valve, that can draw down the fluid lower than normal which would also cause a soft pedal and that light to come on. I would recommend getting it checked out thoroughly at a reputable shop.

My ABS Light comes ON after I start moving on my 98 Camaro SS. It didn't come ON until I put bigger tires on the rear. I have 225/40/18 Front, 295/40/18 Rear. Could the Size difference cause the Light to come ON?
 Yes, different size tires will cause the wheels speeds to be different. Now the computer sees the front and rear at different speeds. Need to have all same size.

I have a 2003 Buick Regal, when i first start driving it everything is normal and as soon as i hit the brake pedal i hear a grinding sound and then the ANTI-LOCK light appears on the instrumental panel...Where should i start first?
 More than likely, you have a bad wheel speed sensor/hub bearing assembly. You should get the car scanned to see which code comes up and that will tell you which wheel is causing the problem. Also, the wiring harness to the specific wheel speed sensor can become corroded or have moisture intrusion or become broken. Inspect that thoroughly when changing a hub bearing assembly so you don't have repeat issues.

I have 2005 chevy Suburban 4wd. The trac control and abs lights came on and there seems to be grinding in the front. Had the front brakes done 3 weeks ago so its not the brake pads. It sounds real bad when I turn. What could it be and how much is gonna set me back?
 You have a bad wheel bearing hub. That is the noise and the cause of the ABS light.

I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous with trac off and anti-lock lights on and sometimes check trac system light also on. Had a scan, replaces rear wheel sensor; lights still come on. What should the next step be?
 The next step would be to check the wiring to that sensor, that is if you got a code for the same wheel.

I have a class a motor home,workhorse,8.1 chevy. The brake light and the abs light stays on all the time. It was on when I bought the unit used. The dealer said they didn't notice it and they told me it was only a wheel sensor bad. I purchased one sensor and went from wheel to wheel replacing the sensor and didn't work. My mechanic don't work on large motor homes and he told me it required a special scanner. What should I do next? Thanks...
 Find a good mechanic to get the codes scanned. Did you ever clear the codes after each sensor swap?

2004 chevy impala and my abs,tractive,service trans system goes off and on. I hear a grinding noise when i first pull off and i can also feel it when i put on brakes,what do you think is the problem?
 You have several problems. Check the transmission fluid level and condition. Have the ABS computer scanned for codes.

2000 Grand Caravan. On way to work yesterday, Jan.19,2012, the ABS light came on. Drove to a dealership immediately. After inspection, the mechanic reported a FAULTY abs CONTROLLER which costs about $1600. The service advisor said that due to the age and mileage on the van he does not advise to have it fixed. I was worried though if this affects my braking capabilities. He says NO, and my brakes are fine. He even said that I can drive the van for years without having the ABS repaired. Wow. But is this true? I do not want to have AN ACCIDENT OR CAUSE AN ACCIDENT. I do highway driving a lot.
 He is correct. ABS only effects anti lock braking, such as in the snow, wet roads, emergency braking. Regular brakes are not changed.

2004 Pontiac Sunfire. Both front bearings went one shortly after the other (about a month apart). But in between (a month after repairing the first one) my service, abs, trac off light came on. They would shut off when the car was turned off and back on and i could go about 10 miles before they kicked back on. Now they stay on regardless. Took a look at the fuze....fried! Turned the on after taking it out and the lights disappeared for the first time in 7 months. Didn't last long though...30 seconds later there they are. Got a quote to have the abs scanned from the local dealer...$180ish...ouch! Any ideas? 110,000 miles. Thanks! :)
 If you mean the fuse was blown, then you have a short circuit somewhere. You can either try tracing all the wires and checking the function of the ABS motor pack, or have it scanned and diagnosed by a pro.

2008 Mazda Tribute. The ABS light just came on yesterday and the brakes are acting funny. It almost feels like they're not catching - especially when going slow or turning.
 Most likely a speed sensor or wiring problem. Have the computer scanned to see what sensor is reading incorrectly.

2003 chevy Astro van and the abs light will not go off even though i have changed the rotors and brake pads. Any solutions?
 Well, first off, pads and rotors have nothing to do with ABS. Get the computer scanned. Even though you say read on the Internet everyone has an answer, they are all guessing without a code to go by.

2005 ford Escape XLT... The ABS light is on but when I start my car it is off for a few minutes before it comes on and my 4x4 light flashes randomly on my dash. Currently there is no snow or ice so I don't think my 4wheel is trying to kick in. And the brakes work fine. How worried should I be? I have to drive 5 hours away in 4 days does this need fixed first?
 The reason the 4x4 light is flashing is because of the ABS problem. The four wheel drive computer needs ABS sensor data to operate. The ABS computer needs to be scanned for codes. Possible a wheel speed sensor problem. It it not dangerous to drive, you just do not have anti-lock braking and possibly cannot put it in 4 wheel drive.

1998 Dodge Durango. I bought it in February, I knew when I bought it that the brake pedal was soft. I thought it needed brakes. The next day my ABS/ brake light started coming on ocassionally. The brakes had been replaced by this time. I have a bad cv joint and a broken steering knuckle on the right side. I also have 4 different used tires on my 4x4. They are all the same size but there are not 2 matching tires on the truck. Could any of this be causing my brake problems?
 A bad CV joint, broken knuckle and messed up tires ? Ya, all of it !

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