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So I just changed my rear drum brakes myself for the first time. Anyways at first I noticed a grinding noise. After I took the tire off to check what it was one of the springs came off holding the metal aduster. Anyway I put the tire back on and now its making another noise from the same side Im not sure if it has anything to do with the light being on.

What I can tell you about the parking light being on is it comes on when I start driving and when I come to a complete stop it goes off. Sometimes it stays off for awhile.

Also I my dad helped me change the front disc brakes 2 months ago they are fine. I got a brake inspection done on my truck the abs light was on and 2 abs sensors need to be replaced as well as the master cylinder. I just barely finished replacing the master cylinder. I dont think any of these things has anything to do with the parking light being on though.

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check the level of brake fluid in your master cylinder. if it close to the lower level line the float may be flirting with the low fluid light switch. If the fluid level is low, check the disc brake linings for wear or check for a fluid leak. Low fluid level light is the same as the park brake light.

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