ABS Tapping Noise

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ABS Tapping Noise

Unread post by Dave_B » Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:00 am

Good Morning

I have a 1995 Equinox AWD, with ABS. About a month ago I started hearing a tapping noise from the front when I applied the brakes. This happens after it’s warmed up and from about 15 mph to stop. This same thing happened about 6 months ago and I replaced the left front wheel speed sensor and the noise went away. This time I went ahead and replaced the right front sensor and the noise was still there. I pulled out both sensors and thoroughly cleaned the surfaces, put everything back and the noise went away for about a day. I put an ohmmeter across each sensor and they both read about 1640 ohms. Lastly, I put an AC voltmeter on the 2 leads, spun the rotor and got readings up to 110-mv ac.

I’ve run out of ideas and hope you can help. Thanks in advance



Re: ABS Tapping Noise

Unread post by Frank » Wed Jan 27, 2010 9:03 pm

Well, since there was no Equinox in 1995, i will assume this is a 2005.
If this is not ABS acticvation noise, then you may have a caliper clicking, or a hot spot on the rotor.

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