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Looking for opinions on which car is the better buy for daily commuting etc:work Thank you

I test drove both cars and was pleased with how both performed

[url][/url] talked him down to 3200

[url][/url] for $3100
Only issue is the guy said it was an 06 and when I went to test drive it I get there and it’s an 04

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for any car, you should have a pre-purchase inspection done by a reputable shop and for any claims of work done, like timing belt and such, ask for receipts. Make sure the inspection place checks for rust under the vehicle.

check at (kelly blue book) for trade in values based on the information that you have from the vehicle.

sorry, I can't give you any help on which is the better buy because that's a personal choice. You have to decide that for yourself. Have you checked to see where you will get either of the vehicles serviced at? Make sure there are multiple shops in your area that work on European vehicles. German cars are a little bit of a specialty in some areas where as American and Asian cars are usually done everywhere.

Depending on your commute, which one is more fun to drive? How is the sound system? Which one is the most comfortable? Hows the AC? How is the interior road noise while driving down the road? The things that you will be counting on every day on your way to work.

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