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hey, i own a 2004 pt cruiser and have a slight vibration in my front end between 40 and 50 mph. the tires have less than 1000 miles on them and when they were installed i also received an alignment. the car has about 130k miles on it, though, so i have a feeling the root of the problem may be in some of the front suspension bushings. i usually order my parts from these guys:

however, they don't have all the bushings in stock and would like to order from one place to lessen shipping costs. anyone else have a good site? i only want to use oem parts, so please keep that in mind with your suggestions. thanks!

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having a vibration at a certain speed means that it is a harmonic problem. Bad bushings would be bad all the time not just at a particular speed. If a bushing gets bad enough to feel it, it would show up when you hit a bump or something that puts strain on the bushing. Like; hitting a bump and then the steering wheel shakes until you slow down and then the shake would go away until you hit another bump or something.

PT cruisers have a bushing that goes out in the lower control arm. The big rear bushing. When it goes bad the control arm breaks loose and can come in contact with the body where it bolts up to. That usually makes a knocking noise when you go over bumps.

before you go changing parts that you might not need, you should go back to where you bought your tires from and have them check out your car. Low speed vibration could be out of round tire or wheel. Higher speed vibration could be wheel balance. Maybe you lost a wheel weight...

Most shops that do tires and alignments do a suspension inspection to make sure the alignment will be okay. Bad bushings or parts will make it so the alignment may not be in spec once they back it off the alignment rack.

If the vibration is accompanied with a noise like a moan or maybe a rumbling sound, you may have a bad wheel bearing or one that is going out.

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