horn problem

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horn problem

Unread post by bonngoodboy » Sun Feb 03, 2019 1:10 am

i am not a good mechanic i have a 96 saturn sl2 4 cyl it old da problem is da horn works and half da time it dont work da battery is good all electrical system works good wat could be da problem with da horn

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Re: horn problem

Unread post by carriedi » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:02 pm

do you know where your horn is located? Check it from there.

the horn should have three wires going to it. An orange wire that should have battery power all the time on it. One black wire goes to ground. It goes back to the underhood junction block F6 terminal then goes out through E4 to the ground connection to the body behind the left headlight. The other black wire also goes back to the underhood block through D11 and comes out on F9, a black wire that goes up to the steering column. The place where it usually looses the good connection is either the horn contacts in the steering wheel or the clockspring. Unplug the horn and check the terminals. One power. One ground and one nothing. you want to hook a test light to power and the terminal that has nothing. Have someone push the horn and see if you have a complete circuit. Have them turn the steering wheel while holding the horn on. See it it has good contacts in some places and not in others.

If the cruise and air bag, that usually go through the clock spring also, work normally then the horn through the clockspring is probably good too. Usually. The horn contacts can get corroded and not have a good connection all the time.
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