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2006 Saturn Vue intermittent, frustrating problem
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Author:  Guinnessblues [ Thu Aug 03, 2017 6:04 pm ]
2006 Saturn Vue intermittent, frustrating problem

My daughters Saturn has 118,000 miles on it. Had a new transmission installed 4 years ago at 47,000 miles. Car sat for 9 days recently, and when she drove it again, got check engine light flashing intermittently. Scan showed misfire Cylinder 3. After clearing it stayed off. Car began to slightly shudder at between 35-50 mph. Took it to mechanic, they put in a new coil for cylinder 3, changed plugs and cleaned injectors. Car ran fine for a day or two, then same problem. Took it to Transmission service, they stated it was not the transmission. They ran diagnostics and drove it for a few days, thought they located problem, they replaced coil number one. Car ran fine for a couple of days and then same problem, now more often when stopped at a red light.
While it is an intermittent problem, it is strange that each time it runs fine for a couple of days and then starts up again.
Not putting any more money into this car, but, any ideas???
As an aside, the car was detailed in and out the day she came back, but, the engine compartment was not touched.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Author:  carriedi [ Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:05 am ]
Re: 2006 Saturn Vue intermittent, frustrating problem

so what was the last scan?

all the spark plugs and coils have the same age on them (in most cases) so it is not uncommon for more than one go out close in time. Ford recommends that you replace all the coils together. Gets a little expensive when you have to do 8 at one time. Most shops will do just the one that the computer says is a problem.

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