Lots of issues with my 03 Saturn Ion 3 Sedan - automatic

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Lots of issues with my 03 Saturn Ion 3 Sedan - automatic

Unread post by ashleynmatzie » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:52 pm

So I have lots of issues going on with my Saturn which has been a great car and would like some advice on how to fix and if I need a mechanic about what is the normal price range so I don't get ripped off since I am a woman.

1) There is now a ticking noise when I start the engine and it is warming up, eventually it goes away. I thought maybe it is an exhaust leak but someone told me it wouldn't tick if it was an exhaust leak. Maybe this is a common Saturn issue?

2) The front end has always been very "clunky" which driving, turning, going over bumps. A mechanic has looked at my car and said the suspension is fine and nothing is loose. I am thinking maybe the front stabilizer bar links or lower control arm bushings are worn? (found that answer on this website just want to confirm)

3) My coolant sensor will not turn off even though the coolant is full. I detached the overfill reservoir and cleaned it out and refilled it and still the sensor goes off. Do I need to replace the overfill reservoir?

4) My car has started to shake when I get up to about 80mph on the freeway - I just got new front tires back in September so do I need to have them remounted and balanced, or rotate them? Maybe an alignment? car seems to drive straight.

5) For the past like 2 years my car sometimes slips out of gear (automatic), doesn't do it all the time is very temperamental. Sometimes I think it gets stuck in a gear too because when I come to a stop the car wants to jerk forward and idles high even if I put it in park or neutral or try to put it into 1st gear. I have been told I have a "sealed" tranny so the oil change place can not do a tranny flush. I had my friend drain what fluid he could and replaced the fluid and that seemed to of helped but now the car is doing it again.

6) When the heater or ac is on it squeaks - how do I get rid of the squeaking?

7) How do I check to see if my belts are still good or if they need to be replaced?

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Lots of issues with my 03 Saturn Ion 3 Sedan - automatic

Unread post by carriedi » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:38 pm

wow, that's a lot of stuff.

1. ticking noise: yes, it can be an exhaust leak making a ticking noise. and as the engine heats up and the metal parts expand it can close up the gap making the tick noise go diminish.

2. stabilizer link pins and frame bushings are common sources of knocking noises coming from underneath a vehicle. You have to check them on an alignment lift or a four poster. wheel cannot be hanging or it will load the suspension.

3. if you are talking about the coolant level sensor, they go bad quite often. Some cars you can replace the sensor others have to replace the reservoir. Check with your local GM dealer parts dept and they can tell you which way your particular systems is made.

4. Alignment doesn't usually tie in with a shake. Tire balance is a harmonic thing and comes in at 25-35 but you don't feel it very much and again at 50-60 mph which you will feel. 80 mph? you should contact your tire supplier and at least have the check the balance.

5. I am not a tranny person but I would have the trans scanned for codes. See if there is something the computer sees as a problem. Even though there is no dipstick for the trans there is a way to refill it. how many miles does your car have?

6. heater/ac there are so many parts in the systems, what is the noise coming from? Blower motor? AC compressor? Vents? Drive belts?

7. Use a good light and look at the belts. Look for checking or cracks. If you see any cracking they should be replaced. Something else, belts wear. The ribs wear down. There is a tool that you put in the channels of the belt and it can tell you if the belt is too worn.
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