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Hey all. Starting to panic a little here. Ive had my 2000 saturn SC1 for nearly 6 years now with no issues what so ever. Around 100k or more on the car. Auto 4 cyl.

Anyways, the cars always driving fine, forward and reverse. No slipping, clunking, ect. No trans issues at all. When I drove to go feed my horses yesterday, it drove fine, but when I was done and got into my car to reverse. It mostly revved and eventually slowly backed up at a high RPM. Drove home fine in all forward gears, shifted fine. No other issues that I saw or noticed.

When shifting to reverse, it does nothing at all. No shift noise at all showing that its actually shifting into it. Might as well be shifting into reverse.

Check engine light had turned on with code p0732 which of course says car wont shift into second gear. (checked at auto zone.) Checked all fluids, oil was low but the trans fluid and everything was at the right lvl. Unplugged the battery for a while to reset the cars electrical but of course, that didnt help. Check engine light came back on and still wont reverse.

Is there a sensor or fuse that would possibly effect that? I find it weird that it would go out all the sudden and only in reverse. Only other thing I can think of worth noting is that several months ago when I went to feed, the car bottomed out and made a brief noise then went right back to work with no issues. Could I have knocked something loose needed to reverse and it only now came off all the way?

Any help would be great. I cant really afford to send it to a shop for a tranny fix. If theres a few things I can check like sensors or inexpensive tries, would love to hear them. I know about 99% of people will tell me that i need a new transmission, Im hoping for some advise from people who can look past that and see if theres any other possible fixes. I cant afford to not be able to feed my horses for even a day of it in the shop. :( Thanks in advance!

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you should take it to a trans shop and have them look at the nut on the input shaft. they come loose and if loose, should be replaced and torqued to 110 ft/lb That can be done on the car. (without taking the trans out) That can cause a slip in second and delay or no reverse condition.

driving with a scanner hooked up and looking at the data stream, you could look to see that the line pressures are running.

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