1998 Saturn Fuel Pump or Fuel filter causing shaking

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1998 Saturn Fuel Pump or Fuel filter causing shaking

Unread post by nikki3815 » Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:07 pm

Yesterday when i was driving around and every time i came to a complete stop for more then 1 minute my car would start shaking back and forth and died on me once and i was able to start it back up once i put it in park and my friends dad knows a lot about cars and the Fuel Pump and Fuel Filter are his only 2 options he thinks they are. What do u think?
The car is a 1998 Saturn Sl


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Re: Fuel Pump or Fuel filter

Unread post by wildman » Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:39 pm

Could be either or even condensation in the gas tank.
Condensation is caused when temperature and humidity change and can cause water droplets- usually more of a problem in cold weather with a partial empty tank.

Fuel filter is a no-brainer IMHO, change it if you haven't recently and add some stabil to the fuel (sea-foam also seems to help). Those are the cheapest fixes and if they work you need to go no further.

If it's your fuel pump or a blocked filter you'll usually notice sluggishness on hills and rapid acceleration.
Water from condensation will usually be noticed more around sharp turns at lower speeds and when idling.
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