No crank no start

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Re: No crank no start

Unread post by carriedi » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:42 am

I am not sure how you checked your relay but you need to check the circuits that go to the relay.

with the starter relay out, check the pin sockets that are in the TIPM:

do you have power on the socket for pin #86 when the key is in the start position? (the plug-in in the integrated power module)
do you have ground on the socket for pin #85 from the PCM while the key is in the start position?

those two pins are the pins that energize the relay to close and send power to the starter solenoid. When the circuit is closed it allows power from pin #30 to go to pin #87 to the starter solenoid.

do you have power on pin #30?
do you have ground through the starter solenoid on pin #87?

once you have check those pin sockets then you can figure where to go from there.

here is the wiring fir the starter...
03 t&c starter.jpg
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